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How does one keep our habitat healthy? How does one most efficiently use natural sources?  How does one smartly and effectively implement the use of new technologies in this respect? Green Group seeks answers to these questions on a daily basisbecause we believe that residential apartment buildings are more than merely a combination of materials. We are convinced that there is always a better, greener, smarter and healthier way. This belief is put into practice through three pillars which are the foundation of our method: Sustainability, Technology and Design.
For Green Group, sustainability means using natural sources as cleverly as possible to offer residential apartment buildings that are not only attractive but also affordable, energy efficient, healthy and safe. Our greatest discovery is that innovation is not necessarily more expensive. Buildings are becoming smarter therefore less use of energy. We have proven to be the green motor of real estate industry.
Smart technology is essential. We are convinced that in the future, with the aid of technology, much more is possible to make residential apartment buildings more intelligent by enabling residents to take control of multiple aspects as soon as they enter their home by temperature control, sound and light through the use of home automation system via smart phones.
Acquiring a piece of land, be it next to school, parks, jogging tracks or malls is a strategic decision. We engage and consult with local interest groups, planning authorities and local communities to understand the ideal design and build financially and ecologically sustainable residential apartment buildings for the owners and local environment. Where possible, we look to maintain lush green trees and mature shrubs and always enhance areas in and around our properties with new soft landscaping. This includes areas of open space and tree lined vistas – all part of creating the right destination to come home to. We have planted many trees and plants and take pride in the established feel.

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