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Rethink Green Living:

Signature Livings is the worlds first solar powered residential apartment building in Jumeirah Village, Dubai. It will change the way architects industry-wide think about solar. Low rise, shiny and slapped onto roofs.Solar panels have an unsightly reputation but that’s beginning to change as Green Group architects experiment with creative ways to incorporate these mini energy farms into solar luxe-habitat. As solar architecture becomes more pervasive, designers at Green Group pushed the aesthetics even more particularly in areas that have challenging design review policies from local planning commissions. The roof canopy made from solar generates electricity and provides shade at the same time.
Innovative and sustainable exteriors associated with natural landscaping, cross ventilation, Signature Livings is in for a big surprise.
Redefining green living with a vision of sustainability that both respects nature and promotes well-being. Signature Livings sets a new paradigm for environmental responsibility. Giving  back to the environment and providing a home where people live well and thrive. Woven throughout the building and integral to its residences, sustainability is part of Green Group’s DNA.
Middle East’s First Solar Powered Residential Building, ‘’ Signature Livings ” at Jumeirah Village, is all about pioneering sustainability and innovation. It’s a new era of Dubai, designed to maintain physical, spiritual, mental and emotional balance, it is the address that defines you. Designed with a focus on future, its enough for all, forever. When sustainability is no longer a choice, Signature livings is designed to fulfill both needs and wants of its residents and environment. Not just financially sustainable by offering lowest service charges for hotel living lifestyle but also ecologically sustainable too.
Signature Livings enables its residents to have control on climate and entertainment. Its a combination of sustainability, design and technology.
You can expect luxury high end kitchens with natural granite kitchen islands. All luxury high end kitchens are equipped with expensive Italian appliances. Extra storage in the kitchen and smart use of space where every square foot has a purpose, you get more with less. 21st century high end luxury bathrooms, where storage meets integrated technology.
Thinking outside the box, Signature livings is all about staying ahead in modern and green living. Not only first solar powered residential apartment building in Dubai but also Signature Livings luxury and design led residential apartments offer smart home in the form of smart apartments.
Whether its tech living or sporting facilities, Signature livings provides building-wide high speed Wi-Fi and makes it possible to play open air squash court inside glass walls making it regions first outdoor open air glass squash court for its residents. Offering state of the art gym for a healthy life style.
With its resort style courtyard, green space is the perfect high-end amenity for city dwelling residents. A beautifully landscaped and comfortable area with lots of green can help residents find peace after a busy day. Even if your property is in a less urban area, a green space is a perfect place for residents to host friends and breathe in some fresh air after spending the day indoors at work.
Want to get a tan by the water without having to leave their apartments? Luxury penthouse comes with its private plunge pool.
Signature Livings offers variety of apartments including luxury studio apartments, design led one bedroom apartments, high end one bedroom apartment with guest bedroom, luxe penthouse with private pool.
Apartments are equipped with home automation features, wooden floor and expensive modern Italian kitchen appliances.
You can view the regions first dynamic scaled model of First Solar Powered Residential Apartments Building at Green Group, Dubai.
Living spaces at Signature Livings by Green Group strikes the perfect balance through best interior designs. During the day, the grand windows welcome natural light. As dusk falls and curtains close, the space adopts a cosier feel. The 21st century smart home luxury show apartment can be viewed at Green Group’s head office.

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